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What is fancy yarn? How many kinds of fancy yarns Top Line promotes in 16SS season?

Author: Views:5304 Published:2018-07-13 16:42:59

Fancy yarns are a bit different from normal or regular yarns, that are popularly used in the production Cartier replica of textiles, crocheting,rolex replica knitting, weaving, etc.. Fancy yarn as the name suggests are fancy due to deliberate discontinuities in the form of color, structure or both. Such a unique feature of omega spectre fancy yarns makes it eligible to be used in high value items.
To be more clearly, fancy yarns are made for decorative relojes imitacion purposes. The ornamentation of the thread may be due to a variety of reasons, such as a color; the combination of threads of replicas de relojes different types; the production of thick and thin places; the production of curls, loops, slubs etc. at suitable intervals. The majority of copie rolex these fancy yarns are folded yarns, two or more threads being combined in somerolex replica special way to produce the desired effect,
Because of the fancy touch to the fabrics, there is a variety of end use of fancy yarns and of course, there are also many kinds of fancy yarns. Top Line company promotes more than ten types of fancy items in this latest 17SS season collection, like slub yarn, tape yarn, metallic yarn, twisted yarn, boucle/loop yarn, sequins yarn, orbit yarn, core spun tape yarn, knot yarn, core spun yarn etc.

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